C-Track in action at Marin





When Marin adopted a special version optical tracker, that allowed measuring under water, a new user interface was needed to drive the camera system. Marin decided to collaborate with CTech Metrology in order to develop this. This resulted in the first version of C-Track.


Later versions of C-Track were developed to work on their existing Optotrak 3020 optical trackers (aka Rodym6D) and on the new Northern Digital Certus optical trackers. Over the years, this collaboration resulted in a tight design especially focussed at the ease of use for the operators.





Essential for Marin were the easy operability of the software, traceability of the data and uniformity. C-Track links directly over a digital interface using a standard TCP/IP to Marin central data acquisition system. At the same time, analog outputs produced by C-Track can be used to correct the position of the bridge. The position of the ship model relative to the carriage is directly coupled with the XY engines of the carriage. The yaw angle of the model can also be used to control the heading of the ship model.


Multiple trackers can be combined to extend the measurement volume of the set-up. Multiple ship models can be tracked simultaneously so that the relative motion of one ship model to another can be investigated.


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