CTrack is real-time 3D/6DOF tracking software serving applications where real-time motion tracking is needed. The intuitive software establishes closed-loop position feedback control of the tracked object. CTrack is scalable and easily integrates into any hardware setup and data acquisition data stream.

Measurement services

C-Tech has over 18 years of experience in measurements based on optical trackers. That experience ranges from tactile inspection measurements, over scanning to deformation and motion measurements.

Rental services

C-Tech has two optical trackers which are used to assist in the development and testing of CTrack. These trackers are also available for renting. Each optical tracker has a measurement volume of 17m3 and can measure from 2 to 6 m. The trackers are ideally suited for fast and accurate measurements on seakeeping tests in a wave bassin. Since the trackers and CTrack are capabable off producing real-time output, they can be used to provide input to the control of the bridge that follows the ship model.

Custom development

C-Tech can help you automating measurements tasks by developing software in visual c.