CTrack is designed to measure 3D deformations and 6DOF movements in real-time.


Use CTrack’s powerful capabilities...

  • tracking multiple 3D and 6DOF
  • positions in real time
  • processing data on the fly
  • generating analog and digital output
  • interacting with third party packages

...as part of diverse applications...

  • maritime
  • structural testing
  • guided assembly

...in order to substantially:

  • increase instrumentation richness
  • reduce setup times and eliminate
  • setup errors
  • improve control over your experiment






Start measuring in 1-2-3-4


Calibrate a target

Perform a 6D alignment of the
object to be tracked. Do this by
instrumenting three markers and
establish their relationships with
the object’s center of gravity. This
setup is required by CTrack to run 6D
tracking measurements in real time.


Align the tracker

This step needs to be performed
only when the position of the tracker
has changed. Re-align the tracker
by placing a target on a reference
position and taking a snapshot of its
position. This procedure takes only


Compose configuration

Set up your measuring
configuration. Feel free to choose a
configuration combining a group
of 3D markers, a 6DOF model, and
calculations based on measurement
values and/or calculated values.


Start measuring

Click start and CTrack goes into live
mode, activating analog and digital
outputs. Logging only starts when
the log command is given. CTrack
offers flexible zeroing, allowing
the operator to specify the sets of
output channels and devices.

Main features



Multiple trackers can be combined to enlarge the effective measurement volume


Multi 6DOF bodies / Multi-target


Multiple 6DOF bodies can be measured simultanously by attaching targets to them. Multiple targets can be mounted to the same rigid body to extend the visibility. If one of the targets gets out of sight, the other target takes over.


Inputs and outputs


Analog inputs and outputs are optionally foreseen.

A digital output interface over TCP/IP network is standard.


Measurement feedback


During the measurements information is given in real-time on the coordinates, as well as the intensity of the markers and their distance to the measurement volume


Online calculations


Online calculations, such as distance, velocity, virtual positions, etc... can be performed on-line


Data integrity


As soon as the logging is started, all raw informations coming from the different input devices is logged as well. This allows to replay the measurements afterwards as if they were actually happening and add extra calculations or correct errors in the configuration



Using CTrack in a towing tank

CTrack is ideally suited to track ship models for seakeeping and manouvring tests in towing tanks.