Measurement services

CTech Metrology can can assist with your measurement tasks.

Based on an optical tracker, a list of different measurements can be performed:


Tactile measurements       Laser scanning



Using a handheld probe points on an object can be measured just like with a CMM. This measurement technique is ideally suited for measuring primitive geometries like cylinders, planes, spheres etc...




The laser scanner projects a laser line on a surface. This laser line is converted to a line on a surface by the camera inside the laser scanner. The laser scanner itself is tracked by the optical tracker.

This measurement technique is ideally suited for digitizing complex surfaces.




Motion measurements       Deformation measurements

When 3 or more IR markers are attached to a rigid body, then this rigid body can be tracked dynamically in 6DOF, so both the position as the orientation can be measured.

The optical tracker is capable to track multiple rigid bodies simultaneously.

The coordinate system of the rigid body can be established by the touch probe.


When multiple IR markers are attached to a flexible body, its deformation can be analyzed both statically as well as dynamically.

This technique can be combined with the rigid body motion tracking technique to analyze the deformation of moving objects.




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