Rental services


C-Tech has two optical trackers which are used to assist in the development and testing of CTrack.

These trackers are also available for renting.

Each optical tracker has a measurement volume of 17m3 and can measure from 2 to 6 m.

The accuracy of the system is typical 0.1mm.

Two tracker can be combined to extend the measurement volume.

The trackers come accompanied with a PC with interface cards. It includes a 16-channel analog output card. With this signal the position fo the bridge can be controlled so that the bridge is optimally positioned over the ship model.

The trackers are ideally suited for fast and accurate measurements on seakeeping tests in a wave bassin. Since the trackers and CTrack are capabable off producing real-time output, they can be used to provide input to the control of the bridge that follows the ship model.

Up to 256 IR markers can be used, this means that more than 1 model can be tracked at the same time, or that a model can be equipped with extra IR markers when visibility is not optimal.


A complete system consists of:

Optical tracker

  • 0.1 mm accuracy
  • 17 m3 measurement volume
  • max 1000 Hz
  • Up to 256 IR markers
  • Comes with 2 targets, each target has 3 IR markers, a strober and a 7m cable
  • Controller
  • Trackers can be daisychainned to increase the measurement volume


  • Interface
  • Windows XP, running CTrack
  • Output : 16 analog output channels, file (ASCII output, readable in Excel), live stream over network using TCP/IP (Visual C based console client example program available with source free of charge)