Structural deformation measurements on a concrete beam at the university of Leuven

Purpose of the test

As part of a Phd thesis, a number of concrete beams were stressed to failure. The 3D deformation of 2 sections of the beam need to be measured while a vertical force is applied.

The experiment leads to a better understanding of mechanical behaviour of prestressed concrete beams will optimize
and economize overall structural design



Two optical trackers were used to measure two sections.

Each section was instrumented with 56 IR markers.

Using the touch probe, a simple plane-line-point alignmnent was performed on both trackers in order to have the data in the same coordinate system.

Apart from the two trackers, also an analog acquisition unit was used to measure the force, excerted by the main hydraulic cylinder, simultaneously with the optical trackers.




The measurements were performed using a stepped approach. After increasing the load, the load was stabilized for a few seconds, allowig the concrete beam to settle. This also allows to average out the measurements taken by the optical trackers, so that noise can be filtered out.


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